[Cwo] CW OPEN sked change

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If that's the last full weekend in September there's the CQWW RTTY and 
the Texas QSO Party, both popular events in the CW portion of the bands.

On 8/21/2011 4:01 PM, Rob wrote:
> Gents:
> I've had another look at the perpetual calendar and the last weekend of
> September (which precedes by one week the Cal QSO Party) has only one
> conflict - RSG
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>     I've been on an IOTA expedition and generated some HUGE pileups.
>     It's a big deal in EU and growing in NA.
>     Need to look at the rules to see if the split format of CWO would
>     really cause trouble or not. We assumed RDA was no big deal either
>     and learned the hard way not to brush off these events as "minor".
>     Alan
>     On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 7:04 PM, Rob <k6rb at baymoon.com
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>         __
>         Alan,
>         I would opt for doing the CW OPEN on the 4th weekend of August.
>         The only conflict is RSGB IOTA. Big deal! We might lose K6VVA in
>         that one (hi). It would avoid a lot of other stuff and still
>         have the event occur roughly around the time it did this time.
>         Having a winter CWO would be tough but perhaps there's a
>         possibility. I would rather get an annual CWO refined to where
>         it was a well-attended and fun event. We're definitely on the
>         way to accomplishing that.
>         Rob K6RB
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>             Bruce,
>             Look at the positive side: I made a bunch of QSOs in NAQP
>             SSB while waiting for the next CWO session. I would not have
>             made any SSB QSOs if it were not for CWO. :-) I'd like to
>             see data on how CWO affected NAQP participation this year.
>             My gut feel is that it was a minimal impact, but I could be
>             wrong. I love NAQP CW, but I've never entered the SSB (or
>             RTTY) version.
>             The big problem for CWO was RDA and Keyman contests. It's
>             impossible to pick any weekend that has no conflicts.
>             However, I think we were clobbered by those two events that
>             limited CWO to a NA only event. That is unfortunate.
>             Interestingly, we only received one complaint about stepping
>             on those toes. That was from a DL who warned about the RDA
>             activity.
>             I agree with Rob that it was too early in the planning stage
>             to do a July event. However, we need to think seriously
>             about a different date. I've already had a request for a
>             winter CWO, but I doubt that would be possible.
>             73, Alan AD6E
>             On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 4:01 PM, Bruce Horn
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>                 Hi Rob,
>                 As the manager of the NAQP SSB contest I certainly would
>                 like to see the CW Open moved to a weekend that didn't
>                 conflict with the NAQP, which has been scheduled on the
>                 3rd full weekend in August for a very long time.
>                 However, the 3rd weekend in July is the perpetual date
>                 of the NAQP-RTTY contest.
>                 73 de Bruce, WA7BNM (bhorn at hornucopia.com
>                 <mailto:bhorn at hornucopia.com>)
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>                 *Subject: *CW OPEN sked change
>                 Bruce,
>                 I think there's a concensus to change the date for next
>                 year's CW OPEN to that weekend in July (July 23, 2011,
>                 this year) where there are virtually no conflicts. We
>                 were too far down the road, this year, to change it. I
>                 see in your perpetual calendar that that weekend looks
>                 really good. Has anything changed on that score? If not,
>                 I would estimate it's about a 99 percent likelihood that
>                 next year's CW OPEN and all subsequent ones will be on
>                 that third weekend of July timeframe.
>                 This year, we ran into some problems because of the
>                 Russian RDA and Japan's "keyman." We'd like to avoid
>                 that conflict and the one with NAQP SSB, too.
>                 Let me know. Thanks for your major help in score
>                 submittal, Bruce. It makes a huge difference.
>                 Rob K6RB
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