[Cwo] some initial reflections

Rob k6rb at baymoon.com
Sun Aug 21 07:46:17 PDT 2011

All told, I think CW OPEN was a success. Given all the factors beyond our control (RDA, JA "keyman," etc.), the first two sessions were well attended. Here are some things that need attention:

- the date is not good (NAQP SSB and RDA)
- the last session (unless there are a lot of JAs and EUs is a problem)

First, I looked at the perpetual calendar on Bruce's website and the weekend of July 23 (or thereabouts) has virtual no conflicts of any kind. So, I would propose that next year we move it to that weekend, and publicize the change right away.

Second, maybe if RDA and keyman were not an issue, we would have gotten more EU and JA players (I hope so). So, changing the schedule would solve that problem, too.

Lastly, the 2000-2400Z session (session 2) should have been the "sweetspot" session in North America. If 20, 15 and 10 are all operative, even with only 200 players, a solid 10 meter opening would have minimized the dip when 15 went "soft" but it was still too early for 40 to go "long." That is something, however, that we cannot control.

I am open to suggestion about changing the starting times on any session; and open to suggestion about shortening the sessions from, say, 4 to 3 hours. However, if we had sufficient participation, the 4-hour sessions seem like they should produce results.

Anyway, introducing a new contest that has some significantly new structures, scoring, and the like is not easy and I think we all did a creditable job. I will write something up for Solid Copy for the next issue.

Rob K6RB

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