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R.H. n7taw at nwhams.com
Sat Jan 14 08:53:17 PST 2006

It hasn't been (quite) that long, has it?  I know that I was surprised 
to see this note.  I've been waiting a year for an invite to the 'RAT 

...did just get a couple of better HF antennas up though.  SKN was fun 
running my Homebrew 6L6 Hartley TX 'till I fragged both tubes (I didn't 
know that my VR had gone bye-bye).  Then I tried to get the Adventurer 
on the air, but gave up and went to bed after only five QSOs.


Ron, N7TAW
"Downtown" Boring, OR

Scott Neader KA9FOX wrote:

> I didn't even know Derrick has fallen, and now they already have a 
> method named after him.  I wondered why there hadn't been any mail on 
> this list for 3 years.
> - foxbert
> At 11:08 AM 1/13/2006 -0600, you wrote:
>> Can anyone point me to some good pics of either the falling derrick 
>> method
>> of raising a 50' 2 1/8 alum vertical...actually 4 of them OR another
>> recommended method.  I need to be able to do this by myself, or with a
>> little help from the xyl,  probably several times each to adjust the 
>> 4 sq.
>> Any other methods that are safe for me, the vertical and especially 
>> the xyl
>> would be welcome advice. The permanent supports are installed and
>> ready...the typical 2X4 tilt ups in concrete, about 5 feet out of the
>> ground...
>> Thanks, Tommy WD4K
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