[BARC] Boring Amateur Radio Club and VY1JA

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Mar 30 11:00:47 CST 2003

A recent post from Jay, VY1JA, mentions this fine collection of 
radio hams:


"I cannot list here all of the people who helped, but here is a list of a few
very special groups and individuals: Chen, W6AY, Mark, N5OT, Tree, N6TR,
Northern California Contest Club, Southern California Contest Club and the
Boring Amateur Radio Club."

BTW - for those of you who don't have tee shirts, we have noticed that
the place that makes them is still in business.  If enough people are 
interested, we could make up some more.  

This is the authentic BARC tee shirt with the dancing rat on them, as 
seen in the new WRTC-2002 video.  When I recently worked TG9AJR on six
meters, he told me he was wearing his.  I also understand that some of 
them have been worn out in South America.

Let me or Domitrix know if you are interested.

Also - if any of you need ideas on making excuses on why you didn't
win a contest, I would suggest the following URL for inspiration:


73 Bert

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