[BARC] Hello de N7OR

Craig Cook n7or@yahoo.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 16:23:15 -0800 (PST)

Hello. I joined this list (oops, I mean club)! I had
sent a whining email to Tree about feeling kind of
dis-connected and out of the local contest scene, if
there is one. He suggested B.A.R.C.

Does anyone know the the ARRL position on cyber-clubs?
Have they ever had an affiliated cyber club? Is
B.A.R.C. an official ARRL club?

I feel the time may be right to try and resurrect the
short-lived Cascade Contest Club, or something
similar, in cyber-mode. Many Oregon contesters belong
to WVDXC, I guess that's better than nothing. But
wouldn't a contesting-centric club be welcome in
Oregon and/or SW Washington? There are quite a few
contests each year that WVDXC isn't really excited
about. SS both modes, ARRL 10 and 160, to name a few
of the bigger ones.

I am certainly not anti-WVDXC, I may even re-join, as
my only real choice if I want to join any ham club.
They are at least DX contest oriented. I even gave in
and re-joined ARRL. I must be mellowing with age! I
forgot what I was angry at them for, another sign of
aging I guess. 

I think it would be cool to have an Oregon Contest
Club, or whatever, especially if it is cyber only, no
dues, no monthly meetings. Seems more likely to last
now, as opposed to the days of the Cascade Contest
Club, or the Left Coast Club, I joined them both. To
steal a quote from the SMC (Society of Midwest
Contesters) web-site, "We don't want your money, just
your scores!" Maybe I'm dreaming.

Anyone else? 73, Craig Cook - N7OR - Sandy, OR.    

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