[BARC] Grid Square Correction

Lew lew@teleport.com
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:01:31 -0800

Tree N6TR wrote:

> Dear Doctor Big-Gun:
> The Boring Amateur Radio Club has performmed an audit of your location
> and unless you are operating from your PO Box, your grid square is
> actually CN84KU, not CN84LV.

      Wow....! What  a Great Club the Boring Amateur Radio Club is! Dr. 
Big Gun told me to call the National Bureau of Grid Detection to see 
where he was really at....and you're really close! The grid is not 
CN84LV...or CN84KU.. its really CN84KS. What a Great club to point out 
this big error.

> In order to maintain the tradition of the last two letters always indicating
> a famous city (like Las Vegas for your old one), you have been assigned 
> Kiev, Ukraine.

       Now what are we going to do? I know, I know!! He could get
Klondike, Saskatchewan...  or Kursk, Siberia... or Karroo, South Africa.

> This is obviosuly the reason you failed to beat Bert in the 2001 June 
> VHF contest, as all of you antenna directions would have been off by 
> 0.314159 degrees.

        Dr. Big Gun says he will have the cranes and trucks and cement 
guys out to his place at the crack of dawn to re-orient all the towers

and stuff to correct this huge mistake. He says this will be a piece of PI. He also has been able to buy back most of his radios and stuff

after he immediately sold them during last year's June CHF Contest when
all of the West Coast except him worked DXCC on 6M.

> We hope this information will allow you to put in a little bit better showing
> this June.

      Dr. Big Gun told me that the new grid locator somehow will give 
him a new source of power and strength that will be very hard to beat. 
Also I see that his hands don't shake anymore and he's quit talking to 
himself as much. Maybe the new medicines are working. Plus the power 
company has finished its new 400 amp service into the shack and the 
neighboring 2 farms have been aquired for some new kind of antennae that 
he won't tell me about. What is a nitrogen cooled pre-amp anyway?
     Gosh..What a Great Club is the Boring Amateur Radio Club!

    73 and I remain,