[BARC] K7RAT in the news

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 08:51:58 -0800

>> NA1SS/K7RAT school QSO scheduled to be on NBC Nightly News
>>      The Oregon students' chat with the International 
>> Space Station, NA1SS, via K7RAT on 2M is the tentative 
>> subject of a report on NBC Nightly News this Sunday, 
>> 3/10/2002..... subject, of course, to being "bumped" 
>> from the newscast by the press of other news, events in 
>> Afghanistan, etc.
>>      Unfortunately, NBC's televised basketball schedule 
>> will PRE-EMPT the broadcast in the East and Midwest.  It 
>> will only be available in the West!  Air times are 
>> either 5:30-6pm, or 6-6:30pm, or 6:30-7pm WEST COAST 
>> TIME.
>>      Sorry about that.... however, if you have one of 
>> the DBS "little dish" satellite systems, Echostar or 
>> Direct TV for example, and can receive KNBC in Los 
>> Angeles at 530pm PST,(830pm EST), you'll be able to see 
>> it!  
>> 73 de alan
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