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More from VY1JA.  If anyone would like to respone - go ahead.


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Subject: Station set-up and Finding WY and ND ops on six
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: Tree,
: I am well over 1000 QSOs on six now, and my next goal-post is 2000.  I
: handled about 80 QSL cards direct already, and there seems to be more
: arriving each time I go to the Group Rural Mail Box site. Apparently,
: were/are a lot of folks that need QSOs on six with CP20.  I have been
: to please drive to other grids and work people on six mobile. That might
: be advisable in Yukon in the middle of winter, but I may be able to do
: something about it.
: For now, I want to get A.R.S. VY1JA set up.
: I am in the fortunate position that I have a new room to put the main
: operating station in.  Does someone have a good set of plans for a well
: thought out station, that includes room for the HF and 6 meter gear, and
: set up for contesting?
: Someone, must have DESIGNED one of these and if I can get the plans, I can
: build it or at least something like it from scrap and surplus lumber that
: here on this old lumber-mill site.
: ---------------------- NEED WY and ND--------------
: I am trying to find two ops, from WY and ND that have good stations, and
: willing to keep trying to help someone get their needed QSOs.
: Do you know of anyone that will help?  Do you know where I can post a
: message that really draws attention from the guys on six?
: The only place that I have thought of is the "Magic Band" on the six meter
: propagation logger site.
: I have asked myself, "Is this the best place?  Should I try in more than
: place."
: Any thoughts you or your friends have on these ideas?  I plan to post
: information requests for the station layout to the contest clubs.  Someone
: will surely know.  On ND and WY, I think your group is the closest to them
: and may have the best ideas.
: Thanks for your help,
: J.,