Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 16:21:42 -0700

If anyone is interested in buying some IRCs - let me know.

I have a nice pile of them and was thinking about giving them back to the Post 
Office for $0.80 each.  While these are the older ones, there isn't any kind of
an expiration date on them and it would appear they are going to stay "legal 
tender" for QSLs.  You can even pay for them with PayPal if you want.

I will be happy to sell them to BARC members for the $0.80 price each + $1 for
postage and handling.

What a great club.

BTW - Bert tells me that Dikirek has submitted the paperwork for the BARC to 
become and ARRL affiliated club.  We really didn't understand why he was doing
this, but he seemed to think it was a good idea.  Maybe we can get a discount on
radiogram forms or something.

I understand that he printed out the home page (web.jzap.com/k7rat) and stapled 
it to a chicken.

We will see what happens next.

73 Tree