[BARC] VY1JA letter

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:25:33 -0700

Thought I would pass this along to the club:

From: "J. Allen" <jallen@internorth.com>
To: <tree@kkn.net>
Subject: Invitation, thanks and things DE VY1JA


The time of Thanksgiving reminded me to say thanks for your friendship and help
over the years, I really appreciate all you have done, and the Boring radio club
as well.  the kindness of your group was crucial in getting me back on the air
three years ago.

Ameritron/MFJ was super on their warranty service.  I am not even the original
purchaser of the AL80A amp I have, which lost its power transformer, and Mr. Jue
sent a replacement and even paid the shipping.

I went through a very rough time but I am retired now, which means that I am
finally having a little time for radio.  I have begun setting things up for the
station properly, but on an even tighter shoestring.  I expect that over this
winter, the home brew 6 meter beam will be put up.  I plan to put it on the same
boom as the tribander and turn it with the ar22 you sent.  I am also planning to
convert a CB ssb rig to use with the transverter you sent so that I can monitor
6 all of the time.

In a month or two I will be finished building our retirement home, which has a
basement office, in which my station will be located, so that I will not have to
go out and light a wood stove fire in the cabin and wait until the rigs are
warmed up
to get on the air.

Again, please say thanks to the guys.  If there is anything I can do to help, by
getting into a contest and giving out contacts, please let me know.

Rick, N1RL of ARRL is coming up to operate SS CW and I was wondering if you ever
had a chance to interface the Omni-IV  with TR.  This is no biggy, because he
can use the ALT-B and ALT-V as I have for years.  Do I owe you any money for
updates to TR?

I was contacted and told that AK had an opening on 6 to Europe, and my 6 meter
station is apart!  AArgh!  Oh, well, I expect to be on the air again.  I have
made plans to put a 100 Watt FM rig as a CW amp for the Transverter.  Am I nuts?