[BARC] I've often been told I'm boring

Neil Fullagar k6ncx@arrl.net
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 11:16:24 -0800

Now I can belong to an appropriate club!

I participated in the last Kids' Day (sans kids, other than my 48 year old 
self, due to bad planning) and plan bigger and better things for the next 
Kids' Day.

I plan to set up at the Friends' Meetinghouse in San Francisco, with another 
ham in the Meeting, and invite all the Meeting kids and parents. I've 
obtained the call K6D (counterpart to K1MOM and W1DAD's K1D in NH) and plan 
to operate for the week before Kids' Day to talk it up.

OK, here's my question. Since I'm apparently now a BARC member, and since 
ARRL only takes special event station announcements from clubs, may I submit 
the K6D announcement on behalf of BARC?

Neil Fullagar K6NCX
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