[BARC] Whats a Thrill?

lew@teleport.com lew@teleport.com
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 23:16:43 -0700 (PDT)

Wow...What a Great Club the Boring Amateur Radio Club is! Bert listed the
winners and losers and everybody on who played in the Stew Perry TopBand
Extravaganza.Go find the place and read all about it. And then in December
it'll happen all over again. This time We'll ask to have the 160M
propagation turned on.
    Looks like Montana Burned down...but lightning and burning bears
caused that...not the spastic E like what Derrick (sp) said.
    Dr. Big Gun retired from the CAC...whatever that is. He said it needed
a higher proof. Or the addition of belly dancers...But he was tickled to
get a special throwing stick from VK6VZ in a trade for an official Boring
Amateur Radio Club Tee shirt. He keeps throwing the stick, but it just
keeps coming back. As near as I can tell its called a kangaroo or a
whoomerang or a Foosters. Guess double O's are big in VK-land..which is
why the OOlympics are happening there. And did you know that VK6VZ won the
Stew Perry TopBand Extravaganza? Which means that Radio Contesting is
probably an OOlympic item now...or should be..I mean if synchronized 10M
Skeet spitting is an event...then something as cool as Radio Contesting
must be..!!
   Although there was a recent world competition of radio contesting in
Deluth where 0-Bat and Three and El Diablo and Dit and a bunch of other
Boring Amateur Radio Club members went and officiated. Everybody got voted
off except K1TO and N5TJ. Maybe its time that the Boring Amateur Radio
Club made up a cool new contest where being close to Deluth or even New
York City wouldn't give some people a big advantage. But then I'm just a
kid who keeps hoping to see a dirty picture in a radio magazine trying to
sell meters or radios or transistors. Just look at what happened to
Alpha/ETO...No naked women or smutty ads...and they're going out of
business! Sheesh...seems pretty clear to me, although Dr. Big Gun says
there more to it than that.
    This great Radio Club had members do an IARU under a nom de plume in
July..and again around Thanksgiving a bunch of Club members along with a
few interlopers are going to Turtle Island to engage in Morris code
Mashing. Then later a secret experiment may happen, but I don't know what
it really is.
    There is a guy talking about losing the thrill of contesting on a
recent screen. I've been bugging Dr. Big Gun and Bert to respond to
him. Dr.. Big Gun just asks  me back puzzles...like what do contesting,
women, hard work, malt liquor and a fine cigar have in common..?
Sheesh I'm just a kid...How am I to know..?   Then he just giggles a lot
and starts in again telling me the only elements in the world are ions,
lust and sweat.....and to go get him a drink.
    Wow...What a great Radio Club the Boring Amateur Radio Club is..!!
    73 and I remain,
     domitrix       w7ew